Ninety Plus Gesha Flower Released

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Coffee is known as a roasted seed (misidentified as a bean), but in 2013 Ninety Plus discovered that the flowers of the coffee plant were a special taste experience.

Prepared like a fine tea, Ninety Plus Gesha Flower has a character all its own: delicately honeyed, light malt, and uniquely floral.

Multiple infusions can be made from the same exquisite flower, which opens further with each brew, eventually looking very much like when it was freshly harvested at Ninety Plus Coffee Estates.

Harvesting the Gesha Flower is an exceedingly nuanced process. Selecting and drying just one gram of the Gesha Flower requires knowing hands and many steps in a process that has taken years to perfect.

Origami x Ninety Plus 10.1 Brewing Set is Released

Origami x Ninety Plus 10.1 Brewing Set is Released

Savouring and sharing precious brews is a daily practice for the team at Ninety Plus Coffee Estates, and it has been the dream of Founder Joseph Brodsky to create a brewing system to match the elevated taste experience produced by Ninety Plus. The Origami x Ninety Plus 10.1 Brewing Set is designed around a 10-gram dose of roasted and ground Ninety Plus coffee.

Producing coffees at this level requires unprecedented investments and innovation in Taste, Humanity, and Ecology at Ninety Plus Coffee Estates. This transformation of coffee farm modeling and practices is expensive but sustainable when prices paid to the producer are (dramatically) increased. Higher prices paid to the coffee producer, however, do not make special coffees like Ninety Plus inaccessible luxuries for the consumer. On the contrary, an analysis of the numbers shows just how accessible the most special coffees can be.

Doing the math, each Savour Cup uses 10 g of roasted coffee (100 Savour Cups per kg) while each Sharing Cup uses 2.5 g of roasted coffee (400 Sharing Cups per kg).

World of Ninety Plus Opens to All

Today, Ninety Plus becomes the first of the new generation of specialty coffee producers to open complete access to its industry-leading coffees to the world of coffee lovers and business customers alike through it’s newly launched e-commerce website.

Available through are roasted and unroasted coffees at price points from $6 USD for a single-brew package at entry-level to $10,000 USD for it’s most expensive unroasted kilogram (subject to seasonal and very limited availability, coffees at this level account for 0.0001% of production).

Coffees are packaged in 100% biodegradable/recyclable materials, both in small retail packages and in larger bulk packaging for business customers. As package size increases, pricing decreases, creating a full and transparent pricing model that offers direct access to end-users while embracing our business customers with volume discount levels that protect their margins when roasting and offering Ninety Plus coffees through their channels.

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