Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Our primary harvest in Panama runs from December to March, but we have a great range of microclimates in our estates that enjoy many small flowerings, which result in tiny amounts of cherry, which we cherish throughout most of the rest of the year.

Thank you for your interest in visiting us! We are in the middle of harvest, and we, unfortunately, are closed to visitors in the short term. We will be very happy to host you in the future. Thank you.

Putting roasted coffee in the freezer in airtight containers is the best; separating the roasted coffee into serving sizes! You can then use those servings to prepare your coffee straight out of the freezer. Your next best option would be an airtight container stored in a cool and dry place, away from strong odors and sunlight.

As soon as your order is processed, you will receive an email from us. Keep in mind sometimes it takes a day or two for couriers to update their activity too.

Thank you for your appreciation and your inquiry. Our prices are subject to change from time to time on our website and generally from season to season as we innovate our procedures and product line and cost structures shift.

We roast our coffees using the filter profiles for Ikawa Home, available on our website. These should work well for brews and people who like light roasts for espresso.

Gesha is the original spelling from Ethiopia for the variety. Geisha is a newer spelling stemming from its use with “Panama Geisha”. We prefer the Ethiopian spelling, but either is fine.

When you go to checkout after you select your items, it will tell you the approximate time. It really depends on the product and destination we ship to. For example, we ship coffee from both Panama and USA locations. Normal shipping times can take up to 28 days sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, but we always try to deliver on time 🙂.

A simple brew recipe that we follow during our adventure brews is as follows (this works for us but you are welcome to experiment with whatever you are comfortable with):

  • 10g of ground coffee, at 12-14 clicks
  • 170g of total water (20g bloom, 50g in 3 increments, total brewing time 1.30 – 2mins)
  • 92C° water temp

Kulé is inspired by a friend in Panamá who, after tasting Kulé for the first time, said, “Wow, this tastes like Kool-Aid”, which Panamanians pronounce “Kulé.”

It is neither MK3 nor MK4 (both of which refer to body style). The Ninety Plus 10.1 edition features a body style with a smoked gray canister, lid, and chassis, a black upper body with the two brands etched. The burr set of the Comandante® grinders is always being improved; this is the company’s latest version.

According to Comandante®, this is a special edition grinder for Ninety Plus. It is neither MK4 nor MK3, although the latest burr sets and other components are featured.

Thank you for your inquiry. We suggest scheduling a call with our relationship team if this interests you. If so, please use the contact form, to reach out. Or you can directly email us at if that is more convenient for you

Anaerobic is a large class of fermentation. It simply means that all stages or any one stage is done in an absence of oxygen in an airtight container or in a way oxygen does not enter the process.

An inspection certificate issued by a competent governmental authority to show that a particular shipment has been treated to be free from harmful pests and plant diseases. The phytosanitary certificate must be issued before customs clearance for export and import. It is granted for a period of forty-five days, covering the usual deadlines for shipping and international freight. Clients don’t get the document in their hands; it’s for customs clearance purposes and stays in the customs pest control department.

We have a variety of more economical coffees too. Ascent is an example. Generally, we invest in reforesting coffee land with very low yield, high salaries for our workers & large investments in processing technology, and taste profile development. That and much more can be explained if you would like to schedule a call and hear more about our story.

Yes, below each Taste Profile on the web page, you can find a tab for Roasting Profile information with our Ikawa Roasters. We do not have data for other roasting machines as we only use Ikawa at the moment, but we can answer any questions we possibly can if you contact us!

At elevation in Panama, our boiling point is lower, so we don’t have much of an issue using water just off the boil for brewing. We often brew without a thermometer or scale (we measure volumetrically) to train our senses as we focus on the aesthetics and on the ceremony of brewing Ninety Plus coffees. That being said, we don’t have anything against using thermometers and scales to brew our coffees. The most important thing is that you have incredible results and enjoy them!

Once the soil analysis is done, we apply amendments to optimize the nutrients available in the soil. Therefore we do not have an exclusive fertilizer since we ultimately want to accustom the plant to feed itself on the organized matter that the forest provides us.

We constantly update our lists of countries we can ship to, depending on customs and restrictions! If your country does not appear to be in the system, it could be because, at this moment, we cannot ship to that country. If, however, you are sure there should not be any restrictions, please feel free to contact us via email at or the contact form. Thank you!

Yes, you can see most of the Brewing Video recipes on our Youtube channel ( and some in the Instagram Reels section. We encourage you to also feel free to brew with your own recipes. These are suggested recipes that work for us.