World of Ninety Plus Opens to All

Today, Ninety Plus becomes the first of the new generation of specialty coffee producers to open complete access to its industry-leading coffees to the world of coffee lovers and business customers alike through it’s newly launched e-commerce website.

Available through are roasted and unroasted coffees at price points from $6 USD for a single-brew package at entry-level to $10,000 USD for it’s most expensive unroasted kilogram (subject to seasonal and very limited availability, coffees at this level account for 0.0001% of production).

Coffees are packaged in 100% biodegradable/recyclable materials, both in small retail packages and in larger bulk packaging for business customers. As package size increases, pricing decreases, creating a full and transparent pricing model that offers direct access to end-users while embracing our business customers with volume discount levels that protect their margins when roasting and offering Ninety Plus coffees through their channels.

Fundamental to our vision of having an impact at scale in our coffee reforestation model is sharing our brand culture fully and directly with our growing tribe of businesses and end-users who embrace Ninety Plus and understand our work to innovate and transform the coffee farming model through our core values of:


We invest in processing technologies to diversify taste and take it to ever-increasing heights.

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We invest in the coffee production teams of the future, paying higher wages and providing education and an inspiring lifestyle of coffee craftsmanship and nature stewardship.



We invest in nature by planting forest and shade-loving coffee varieties together, accepting a fraction of normal yields in exchange for a net positive effect in carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

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