Ninety Plus Gesha Flower Released

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Coffee is known as a roasted seed (misidentified as a bean), but in 2013 Ninety Plus discovered that the flowers of the coffee plant were a special taste experience.

Prepared like a fine tea, Ninety Plus Gesha Flower has a character all its own: delicately honeyed, light malt, and uniquely floral.

Multiple infusions can be made from the same exquisite flower, which opens further with each brew, eventually looking very much like when it was freshly harvested at Ninety Plus Coffee Estates.

Harvesting the Gesha Flower is an exceedingly nuanced process. Selecting and drying just one gram of the Gesha Flower requires knowing hands and many steps in a process that has taken years to perfect.

Until now, we only made enough Gesha Flower to share with a fortunate few friends. 

Ninety Plus Gesha Flower is now – for the first time – offered to the public.

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