Ninety Plus Holds the World Record for Highest Priced Coffee: On September 13, 2017, Ninety Plus Gesha Estates #npge of Ninety Plus Coffee held its inaugural Best of Ninety Plus Auction, highlighted by its José Alfredo lot #227 being purchased for a world record price of $5,001.50 per kg, a record which stands to this day! In total, the auction sold 1,294 kg of coffee for $465,464.50, representing an average price of $359.71/kg.

Outside of a small amount of coffee of Ethiopian origin, the auction featured coffees from #npge, a 182-hectare farm located in Volcán, Panama. The world record price was set with coffee processed by and named after the farm’s General Manager, José Alfredo Escobar. “I’m honored to be part of the Ninety Plus team and excited that many of the world’s foremost coffee experts found my special-processed coffee so unique and satisfying”.

“By acquiring this beautiful farm outside Volcán in 2009, Ninety Plus set out to bring our vision of #TasteHumanityEcology to life. Although we set out to accomplish wonderful things, I didn’t anticipate others would develop such a deep appreciation for our stewardship of the land and commitment to the nuanced taste profiles associated with the gesha variety”, stated Ninety Plus CEO, Joseph Brodsky. “It’s truly rewarding to me that the record-setting coffee was developed and named after our farm’s general manager, who has been instrumental in elevating the performance of our farm.”

Ninety Plus hopes to build upon the success of this initial auction. “While the first auction was undeniably a success for us, we learned many valuable lessons and we remain committed to continued innovation and being a valuable contributor to the growth of the Panama coffee farming community,” added Joseph.

In addition to gaining the highest price ever paid for coffee, Ninety Plus lot #227 was also used to win 2 world championships in 2017 (World Brewers Cup and World Siphonist Championship).