Four World Brewing Champions in a Row: 2016 marked the third consecutive year that Ninety Plus Coffee was used to win the World Brewers Cup competition. Japanese champion Tetsu Kasuya used Ninety Plus Sillvia from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama to win the world championship. The winning coffee was described on stage by Tetsu-san as having “peach and black cherry aroma, peach and blackberry notes on the taste, and as it cools down strawberry and pineapple. Long and sweet aftertaste, changes from strawberry to cacao. Bright acidity, clean, juicy with fruity sweetness like strawberry and mango”.

The second runner-up was also a competitor that used Ninety Plus Coffee fromNinety Plus Gesha Estates. Chad Wang achieved the highest open-service score in the competition using Ninety Plus Lotus.

In addition, Ninety Plus Ethiopia Tchembe coffee was used to win another world championship on the World Coffee in Good Spirits stage with Michalis Dimitrakopoulos. The beautiful, red-fruit forward Tchembe proved to work sensory magic in cocktail creations for the judges.