The 2014 World Brewers Cup in Rimini was the first of four consecutive years that Ninety Plus Coffee was used to win the world championship, scoring a groundbreaking 91.25 points in the final round. When Stefanos Domatiotis first tasted the coffee, he immediately knew that this was the one for his upcoming participation on the world stage. He told Ninety Plus Founder, Joseph Brodsky, “If I compete with this coffee, I will win the world championship.”

The coffee was described by Stefanos on stage as “having floral aromatic notes of jasmine, white narcissus, and sweet caramel. This coffee has a juicy body and a really sweet acidity. The taste is dominant of jasmine tea, with yellow-ripe fruits like luscious papaya and deep notes of sweet orange. A very balanced and delicate coffee. When the temperature cools down, it is more lingering and more powerful, becoming more floral and sweeter.