At one-hundred and thirty-four hectares (331 acres), NPGE is a sprawling yet ecologically integrated collection of distinct micro estates committed to the understanding and sustainable cultivation of the heirloom Ethiopia Gesha coffee variety. Ninety Plus Gesha Estates works toward new standards of boutique coffee production and biodiversity, having preserved thirty-five hectares of protected forest including one kilometer of wild river frontage teeming with native plants; numerous species such as howler monkeys and the occasional jaguar roam newly replanted areas of indigenous shade trees throughout the property. Drawing from cultivation and processing experience in Ethiopia and Panama, Ninety Plus Gesha Estates is also a center for processing science and education. The estate includes a network of trails linking forest and micro estates and a Ninety Plus Sensory Room (culturally integrated and professionally equipped tasting room with views of plants and processing). In 2013 we anticipate offering exclusive custom taste profiles developed specifically for you based on estate location and process category (W2, H2, N2, SK). If interested, engage with Ninety Plus.