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Aricha and Beloya Calibre Coffees Return
Ninety Plus Sensory Room

For the first time since 2009 and the introduction of ECX, our tasting room in Addis Ababa is aromatically explosive. As soon as the grinder starts to hum, fragrant air stimulates the senses to create a Level 12 excitement – these are beautiful coffees. It has taken 3 years to get back to where the Aricha and Beloya projects had us, with dozens of what we then called Micro Selections. Everybody who has passed by the tasting table during these sessions has been high on the floral fumes. We are thrilled at the coffees destined for our very patient international clients; coffees soon also to be featured in Ninety Plus Sensory Rooms being founded in North America and Asia where we’ll continue to detail and document Flavor Profiles we are uncovering in Ethiopia and on our farm in Panama, Ninety Plus Gesha Estates.

The new Hachira N2, Nekisse N2, Tchembe N2, and Tuktant N2 will comprise our first Ninety Plus Table Sets of 2012. To request a Table Set and reserve your preferred coffees shipping from Ethiopia and Panama in late March and April, please contact us at engage@ninetypluscoffee.com.

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Lotus H2 & Sillvia N2 Reservation - Maruyama Coffee, Japan
Ninety Plus Gesha Estates

Maruyama Coffee is now offering a premium coffee set of Ninety Plus Lotus H2 & Sillvia N2 (Solkiln™ Processing).  Reserve your coffee now ... read more.

Ninety Plus Maker Series - China
Ninety Plus Profile Processing

The Event

2014 WBrC Champion, Stefanos Domatiotis of Greece, and 2014 WBC 4th place finisher, Craig Simon of Aust ... read more.

Stefanos Domatiotis wins world coffee championship with Ninety Plus
Ninety Plus Gesha Estates

Stefanos Domatiotis wins world coffee championship with Ninety Plus ... read more.

The Maker Series by Ninety Plus
Ninety Plus Profile Processing

With this, one of the most extraordinarily profound and complex coffees we have made, Ninety Plus introduces the Maker Series with a signature Taste Profile designed by our Ethiopia Processing ... read more.

Single-Lot, Single-Variety Excitement
Ninety Plus Profile Processing

Single-Lot, Single-Variety Excitement
by Kenneth Davids; Reviews by Kenneth Davids with Jason Sarley
In the new world of ... read more.

2013 Taste Profiles sold out. Reserve 2014 now.
Ninety Plus Gesha Estates

Sold Out: Lycello W2, Perci N2, Perci Red N2, Nekisse Red N2, Nekisse Ruby N2, Lotus N2, Sillvia N2 
read more.

Ninety Plus Coffee in Nice, France
Ninety Plus Sensory Room

Taste NP Taste Profiles in Nice. Limited availability. Pleas ... read more.

Purchase Ninety Plus Coffee's Nekisse Red N2 and Nekisse Ruby N2
Ninety Plus Sensory Room

Limited amounts of Nekisse Red N2 (L39) and Nekisse Ruby N2 (L95) are available for purchase.  Please contact ... read more.

Ninety Plus creating Comparative Coffee Culture at MICE - Melbourne, Australia
Ninety Plus Sensory Room

Ninety Plus creating Comparative Coffee Culture at MICE with @AlphaDominche & @ThinkTankCoffee on the #Steampunk - Booth 14. May 23rd - 26th. ... read more.

Ninety Plus Sensory Sessions at MICE - Melbourne, Australia - May 23-26
Ninety Plus Sensory Room

Ninety Plus Coffee is excited to be an exhibitor this year, and would like to invite you to taste new crop Taste Profiles in a Ninety Plus Sensory Session.